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2002 Research Fair Project

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Introduction What is P2P History of P2P Problems and Issues Further Reading


P2P technology is an efficient form of information transfer, has the potential to greatly reduce the costs associated with server-based distribution systems, and can support a variety of business models

P2P technology has the potential to change the way information is transferred on the internet. Music is not the only data type that P2P can be used to share. Large organizations such as the Human Genome Project that are interested in sharing information among specific communities of interest have shown interest in the technology.

Furthermore P2P or gdistributedh computing also has tremendous potential for sharing resources. This resource is raw computing power, and with distributed or P2P computing, information and transaction costs can be substantially lowered.

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What is P2P
P2P stands for peer to peer, which means there is a same-level relationship with another user...
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In the early days of the internet, the most popular file sharing was the (anonymous) file transfer protocol...
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Problems and Issues
To put it bluntly, copyright infringement is a major problem with this technology...
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Further Reading
Find more information on P2P file sharing...
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IntroductionWhat is P2PHistory of P2PProblems and IssuesFurther Reading