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   What is P2P
This section aims to explain what P2P is

P2P stands for peer to peer, which means there is a same-level relationship with another user. Usually in relation between client (who receives service) and server (who serves the service), there is a need to go through the server and have to send a order to the server and the computer which is being a server must send a order to the client, then finally the result comes back to the client. In this case, the pressure toward server is bigger than the client.

The easiest example of client/server model is internet browsing. When watching a homepage through internet, the spectator will be a client because to find out a homepage, client must enter the URL address, and WWW server will find the URL page and send the result back to the client.

In P2P, one computer can function as both client/server by case to case. This is the major point which is completely different from client/server model between P2P model. From this, P2P will let 2 computers have an equal relationship between each other. Other major point of P2P is that processing is performed dispersedly, so there will be less pressure and also even if the number of line is few, the connection will remain fine.

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What is P2P
P2P stands for peer to peer, which means there is a same-level relationship with another user...
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Problems and Issues
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